eight31consulting exists to help Architects, Contractors and Owners win at construction. The services listed on this page are always customized to provide a unique solution to the project, phase and purpose of your need. Call or message me to discuss your work and receive a specific proposal.

Cost Estimating

eight31 Consulting is a key member of the design team, advising architects on cost issues from schematic design through construction documents. Estimates include conceptual estimates from limited information to detailed cost estimates from bid documents and everything in between.

Value & Construction Cost Analysis

As the cost expert on the design team, eight31 Consulting provides cost evaluation of design alternatives and concepts integrated with cost estimating during the design phase.  Value & Construction Cost Analysis services are setup with intention to reduce costs while maintaining or enhancing design, quality, value, and functional performance.

Bidability & Constructability Review

As the construction expert on the design team, eight31 Consulting reviews the design documents for issues that might affect the bid or show up during construction.  Bidability & Constructability Review services are integrated with cost estimating and are intended to reduce errors, omissions, conflicts, and ambiguities in the plans and specifications prepared by the architect before they go out to bid.

Owner Representation

Owner Representation services are provided in order to assure a Project Owner that their interests are looked after and the project is managed properly.

Construction Management

eight31 Consulting provides a comprehensive Construction Management solution to ensure a successful project by focusing on contractor performance, results, and accountability.

Construction Administration

eight31 Consulting provides effective Construction Administration services during construction to augment your project team ensuring the implementation of proper administrative and cost controls.

Services are offered at two levels: 1) Enhanced CA, which is designed for projects where the architect has been contracted to provide the basic services described in most AIA contracts; 2) Full CA, which is designed for projects where the architect has only been contracted to provide design phase services.

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