About eight31consulting

A culmination of experience and knowledge, eight31consulting officially launched in August of 2015. Founded by Jim Paras, the company supports Architects and Owners in building projects, and helps Small Business Construction companies in their businesses by consulting, managing and coming alongside them to help them each win at construction and business.

Jim Paras, construction project consultant

Meet Jim Paras

Jim Paras is a builder of buildings, leaders and smoother-running businesses. Jim started his career in construction immediately after graduating from Washington State University, taking a job with Hensel Phelps Construction Company. At Hensel Phelps he learned the essentials of managing large complex projects and how to operate a successful construction business while working in the challenging Los Angeles market.

When Jim moved back to Spokane, it was to lead Paras General Contractors. During his 20 years as President of the firm he had the opportunity to lead a large group of talented and hard-working men and women who built many amazing projects together. Jim’s proudest takeaway from that experience was building future leaders by recognizing their greatness and encouraging them to break through long before they even knew their own potential.

Today, Jim pulls forward over 25+ years of experience in the construction industry with a passion to help Architects, Owners and Contractors win at construction and business. Whether its cost estimating for an architect during design, representing the Project Owner during construction or helping the Owner of a business improve their operations, as CEO he brings expertise and ambition for improvement in order to get results.

Having previously built a firm with over 175 employees, Jim understands the hard work, investment and dedication required to grow a successful business. Through that experience he also learned the value of establishing life priorities and building strong, meaningful relationships. You might hear Jim say he has had wild success as well as some epic failures, but through his tenacity he always bounces back. He has even beat cancer only to comeback and run a marathon and is determined to continue facing challenges, solving problems, learning and coming out on top.

When Jim isn’t working on his business, representing a project owner, consulting a small business owner or assisting architects, you can find him spending time with his wife Angela, usually savoring a nice glass of wine or walking their four dogs.


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